[INSERT MAGAZINE] Benefit, the POREfessional!

All Photo Credit to: Insert Magazine / Dina Ding

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I went into the photo shoot for this one product specifically: the POREfessional by Benefit.
I was wearing a really thin layer of foundation to the shoot, and of course when you look at my face from an extremely high resolution camera, you can see every pore. Then I applied the POREfessional on top of my foundation, my skin instantly looked smoother on the camera! It was like photoshop done on the face without a computer!
The balm is really soft, smooth, and skin coloured. You can apply it before your foundation, after your foundation, or without foundation at all.
It’s such an amazing product. I really really recommend it!! Don’t miss out on this one girls!!

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[INSERT MAGAZINE] Eyeliner Comparison

All Photo Credit to: Insert Magazine / Dina Ding

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I was in the shoot for Insert Magazine and compared among “Benefit They’re Real! Push-up Liner”, “Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner”, “Maybelline Mater Kajal Cream Kohl Eyeliner”, “Sephora Collection Dramatic Line 24HR Felt Eyeliner”, “Anna Sui Liquid Eyeliner” and “Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner”.

Here is my personal opinion:

BENEFIT They’re Real! Push-up Liner $29

My Experience: It looks the best on my eyes among the six, but it requires super professional makeup skills as the liquid dries almost instantly. It also requires a makeup remover specifically designed for this eyeliner as no other makeup remover can possibly remove it…

STILA Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner (Dark Brown) $26

My Experience: It’s very smooth. I think it’s the smoothies among the six. If you’re going for an almost no makeup look, this is definitely the choice.

MAYBELLINE Mater Kajal Cream Kohl Eyeliner (Navy Night) $11.99

My Experience: It’s a very interesting one. It’s almost like drawing on my eyes with a crayon. The colour doesn’t go on my skin easily. You have to draw it multiple times. However it does look really special. It has three colours. The one on my eyes is “Navy Night”.

SEPHORA COLLECTION Dramatic Line 24HR Felt Eyeliner $18

My Experience: This one is almost like a marker. You can adjust how thin or how thick your want to draw your eyeliner!

ANNA SUI Liquid Eyeliner (#500) $27

My Experience: What’s interesting about this one is that the liquid comes out brown and glittery. It flows very smoothly and gives you a natural kind of look.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Liner (#13) $27

My Experience: It’s a pretty smooth one too. It’s famous for being extremely waterproof. You can wear it for swimming without worrying about ruining your makeup.

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All Photo Credit to: Insert Magazine / Dina Ding


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Green Grotto is an authentic Taiwanese restaurant in the GTA. It has existed for 20 years and has just recently moved to their new address: 7040 Warden Avenue, Markham. Even though it’s a bit of a distance from downtown Toronto, their delicious food and milk tea is definitely worth a try!

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