[Toronto Fringe Festival] In Sundry Languages 3.0



Performance: In Sundry Languages 3.0 x Toronto Fringe Festival 

Director: Art Babayants

Casts: Art Babayants, Arfina, Ziying Goria Gao, Ahmed Moneka, Mario Lourenço, Yury Ruzhyev, Lavinia Salinas, Angela Sun

Location: Theatre Passe Muraille



1. Mooney on Theatre: https://www.mooneyontheatre.com/2017/07/07/in-sundry-languages-toronto-laboratory-theatre-2017-toronto-fringe-review/#more-40925

2. alt. theatre: http://alttheatre.ca/2017/07/13/sundry-languages-feast-ears/

3. Loose Leaf Magazine: http://looseleafmagazine.ca/fringe-review-in-sundry-languages/




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